Thursday, 19 March 2009


I have phoned everyone.

The surgeon can operate in two weeks, 1 April, so I'll be back in the hospital on 31 March.

My oncologist says "Fine. No problem."

"But it's another 2 weeks," I say.

"Nothing can happen in 2 weeks," she says.

" But that makes 8 weeks since my last chemo," I say.

"But if you have another chemo session, you won't be able to be operated on for another [whatever] weeks," she says.

I am unconvinced, but we agree I will have another slew of blood tests because they didn't test the marker when I was in the hospital. The nurse is coming tomorrow morning.

Then I called my GP. She sounds, also, not at all worried. "But I am worried!" I say.

"Don't worry," she says.

At least I will get to go to the Foire de Lyon and look at furniture (on the 30th). Meanwhile, I'll have to sign a power of attorney, so that Nick can sign for the house, if the papers are ready before I am conscious. But I have had to postpone a friend's visit. And my mother-in-law's visit. (My mother-in-law is nice.) Hmmmmph!

This morning I walked the dogs as far as the little field beyond the fire station. I decided to give it a shot and ran the circumference. Probably a hot 100 metres, but it was something.

Tell me: If I try to get some exercise in the next couple of weeks to strengthen myself before surgery, will that also make the cancer cells more active and inclined to spread?

Having good health is hard.


  1. Haha, it's cute how they can tell you not to worry. Yah right. About 15 years ago my father had to have a brain operation - they cut holes out of his skull and stuck things in his BRAIN! And they told us - his worried family - "oh don't worry."
    Don't worry my ass. (He was fine, even though after they replaced the bone they'd removed, and stitched him up, he looked a bit like a devil who'd had surgery to remove large horns.)

    Don't worry, Margot. :'/

  2. Given the perpetual postponement of the surgery I can't help but snicker that the new date is April Fool's Day.
    They're probably just messing with your mind you know?
    How about I worry for you? Will that make it better?


  3. What Olga said. I do not know the answer to your question but I am inclined to think exercise would not affect cancer cell activity. But, I AM NOT AN ONCOLOGIST. I wouldn't over do it but it cannot hurt to do what you can before the surgery. How about some abdominal exercises? You'll need the strength there for sure - no?

    Good Luck.

  4. I can vaguely remember hearing some news from a study, exercise was good..linked to that woman who did all that fund raising running for years after she was told she was terminal ..Jane somebody?? but don't know at what stage of treatment that was..lots of clarity there then as ususual:-)
    so I would ask this lot I have found them exceptionally good for any questions I ever wanted help with

    Got any ponds or bits of water you can throw some worry stones into? Yeh they are great at saying don't worry as if you can turn it off like magic LOL
    I can say relaxation and breathing exercises do help if you stick at them.
    Jane xx

  5. Oh, I remember her. Ran from Italy back to England and then kept running. I'll do it! On a significantly smaller scale. Don't be watching your doorstep. :-) And thanks for the sites, too.

  6. Hey, Laura, a friend, also recently spayed, suggested we get together for exercise. Are the exercises going to heal my muscles?