Sunday, 8 March 2009

House Pictures

Silly me; should have posted a link. Here is my Picasa album. I'll be keeping it up to date with before and after pictures. After will be a long time a-comin'.


  1. I remember some of the pics from back in Nov, but now there's more... it is just charming and I LOVE the tile floors! And all the stonework. Even the old lathe and plaster.
    Since 90% of the time I work in featureless, ugly big newer homes I so appreciate actually seeing real handiwork.

  2. Ah so that is what a bathroom in a wine barrel looks like..umm see what you mean xx I will be back to look more keenly later I shouldn't be here now..or I will be late :-)Jane

  3. I have been for another hunt around pics..think I am beginning to get an idea of the layout..quite confusing with a noodle like mine..your little window from bedroom over courtyard which direction does that face?..the kitchen looks really large..I still love what remains of the tiles ;-)
    Are you already thinking in your head of colours and decor or just nitty gritty still?. Will watch with interest and fingers crossed it will all go to schedule xx seahorseJane BC

  4. It's confusing and I'm buying it! Yes, our bedroom will overlook the courtyard, faces North. The south side of the house is the road side, so everything will be oriented North. I love the tile, but I think they may be too damaged; we will see. I'm in charge of decor; Nick is working on nitty gritty. :-) Schedule?