Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Behind Me

As in "I am behind."

We've had a lot to do this week and, as we're running around, we've been running errands for Polo and Nadine. Then, when we get home, we go up to their house to make deliveries and Nick works. I provide moral support. Anyway. . .

Monday I saw the cardiologist and had an electrocardiogram, as you have to do here before surgery. I am fine. (I knew that).

Today, I saw the anaesthesiologist, as you have to do here before surgery. He is fine. His name is Dr. Kaoula, which I can remember because I call him (silently) Dr. Koala.

They're going to give me a morphine pump this time. I hope I don't get hysterical and start crying the way our friend, Philip, did when they gave him one.

Here's the schedule: I go in at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Monday. The operation is Tuesday. I stay in the hospital for 8 to 10 days. The recovery period -- I finally read the papers the surgeon gave me last week -- is reckoned to be 45 days.

I have a fuzzy head; I think my hair is growing. So by the time I start chemo, again, I should have some more hair to lose. Really, losing your hair once is O.K. Losing it twice is annoying.

It also appears that it's going to be growing in white. It must appear that way to the hairdresser (wigdresser?), too, because she told me she can colour it a little with some kind of vegetable dye. And she gave me a card for the first appointment free.

While running medical and construction errands today, we bought an expresso machine to be built in to our new kitchen. When we have one. The budget for the new kitchen is considrably reduced now. But it was on sale.


  1. What are you having surgery for exactly? Removing something I'm guessing... sorry to be dense. Good luck with all that! I hope you let us know before you go on hiatus! ;-)
    I can't relate to the hair loss and subsequent re-growth fuzz but my friend can and has already experienced the 2nd bout with Chemo an having her hair fall out AGAIN. Sounds like tons of fun - not. More hats! Are you sick of hats yet?
    All this and you guys are still doing the renovations at the new place? At least you'll be able to have your coffee.

  2. Not keeping up with the class, Laura! Full spay. Now that the tumours are reduced, they think they can remove them, but won't really know until they open me up, again.

  3. Yes, I know, I've been slacking BIG TIME! I do apologize, I hate to fall behind. You think I just might have too much going on? lol I think I need to simplify my life, as much as possible.

    Hoping everything is as good as it should be for your greatest benefit when they *finally* get in there... :-)