Friday, 5 November 2010

Crazy dog

Margot was home last night but even more weak after the operation and the traveling. During the night Van-Ly decided, for the first time ever, to clime onto the bed and sleep with us. You know chows don't do this. Bad news is that she climbed over Margot. Good news is that she did no damage other than to wake us up.



  1. Holy crap. Tell Margot she *has* to know she's truly loved now - as opposed to being a mere trial to be borne. HA! Serious, that's amazing! Pictures? Get well.

  2. Warm, yes? But it sounds "uncomfortable."

    Has it happened again, or was this likely a once in a lifetime occurrence?

    Susan in California

  3. No pictures. It was too much to think of photo's in the early hours. And, no it has not happened again yet.

  4. My shar-pei think that Van-Ly was just channeling their companion ancestors finally because the pei have always know it is best to sleep with the humans.