Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bad Night

Margot had a bad night last night and was sick a number of times. It could have been a new medicine she started taking so she was taken off that again to see if things stabilize. So far she has slept all day so that might have been the problem. Other than that, not much change. She is still getting all her food by infusion, lots of proteins, vitamins, everything, but continues to have no strength or energy.

We had sun today for the first time in three days which cheered me and the dogs a little.



  1. Fingers crossed that it is just the new med, and they can find something that doesn't upset her stomach! Is she able to drink stuff, like maybe chicken broth for nutrients, and maybe to give her a bit of strength and get her stomach used to having "real" food? Also, thinking about when Don had his hernia operation - they gave him a "mashed" diet - everything was ground to a really thin paste - about like baby food. If the doctor wants her to try to eat, maybe something like this, a little bit at a time might help.

    Margot - I have the candle lit for you and Nick!

  2. Madame (and Sir), we love you. xoxoxoxo

  3. Thinking of you both. Many hugs and I hope you have some more sunny days!


  4. A very difficult time for you, Margot and your loved ones. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Lolli and I are sending you love and peace from Lake Tahoe - it's amazing how so many of us have never met you in person, but nevertheless feel that you are family. I too have lit a candle tonight, and will continue lighting them, in the hope that you can feel the warmth of all of us who are thinking of you. Love, Tracy S., and Lollipup

  6. Margot and Nick, thank you so much for the NSSS gifts. I didn't open them yet, but the French return address was a clue. :)
    Nick, thank you again for taking the time to keep us updated.
    I hope that stopping the new medication helps, and Margot is feeling better soon.

  7. Nic and Margot, It was the new meds, right? I so hope so and want to hear about Margot eating some duck.

    Yes, grab so sunny days any time you can.

    Much love,
    Susan in N. Calif.

  8. Thinking of you. Love Georgia