Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wrong date

I my last post I made a mistake with the date. Margot had the infected chamber and catheter removed yesterday. It was a small local operation, all went well, and she was back at home again last night. Her next trip to the hospital is next Tuesday for more chemotherapy.


  1. Good, the sooner the better. I hope having it out make a difference. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Oh that means that the infection is resolved? I hope that makes her feel better and so glad she wasn't stuck in hospital for too long this time.



  3. so glad to hear that things are improving. The peidren send kisses (cause they know the chows dont like to). I do hope the chows are at least keeping Margot warm in her snuggy bed.

    Joleen and the Peidren

  4. Doing it as an "out-patient" means a quicker recovery, too, I hope.

    How about the eating? Any of that on the horizon?

    Susan in Calif