Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm all right, Jack!

From Hôpital à Domicile

That's Stephanie.  She's pretty underneath.

And, for everyone who asked, no, I'm still not eating.


  1. Thank you! Unless, you mean the nurse is Stephanie? HA!

    When are you going to eat? I thought you had soup and fish in the hospital?

    I don't think you have enough blankets, O_o. Get more, get well. Happy you are home.

  2. Can't quite see the book titles:-)Is that a mini chow by the bear and the dark brown? behind is a? Happy snuggling in that very comfy looking bed xx Celticseahorse bookcrosser

  3. So glad to see you home, pretty woman. Love to you and to Nick and the chows. Did I tell you we have another dog too now - a 10 month old black lab called Lucy. My birthday pressie from Frank - she is gorgeous - if I was clever enough, like you, I'd send a photo. We are still in France but returning to Scotland for the Winter next Thurs (is that mad or what??!!) Thinking of you and let that lovely nurse and Nick, of cours, take good care of you. Love, Michele and Frank xx

  4. it is so good to see your face and to have you home. So, did the chows wag their tails and give kisses? I know they ARE chows, but then you ARE Margot!
    Joleen and the peidren

  5. Looking forward to your growing strength, and hearing that you can eat a bit. I hope Nic get any supplies you need locally or get Stephanie to bring them.

    Susan in Calif.

  6. Missed you Margot. Glad to see you back home!