Thursday, 28 October 2010

No chemotherapy this week

The chemotherapy was canceled this week because Margot just had no energy. We also tried to get the operation for the new catheter moved forward but that did not work out. She is still scheduled for the new chamber and catheter next Tuesday. Eating is still difficult as Margot just has no appetite. She thinks she might have a taste for duck this evening so I will try that. Not a lot of change otherwise.

The dogs have a new walking schedule these days; morning and evening during the hour when the nurse is visiting. This gets us out of the way, especially Nala who insists on sleeping in the doorway to Margot's room as the nurse is trying to go in and out, and there is someone there to keep an eye on Margot while we are out of the house.

Thanks again for everyone's support.



  1. Thanks again for the updates, Nick. Tell Margot we're thinking of her and hoping to hear she's feeling better and eating soon.

  2. Thank you Nick. We are pulling for Margot, I hope she ate some duck. Will be thinking of you guys on Tuesday.


  3. Good girl, Nala. I sure do wish both of you the best and think of you often. Praying hard for some relief soon. Thank you, Nick!

  4. Duck? I hope Margot still had the appetite for it when it appeared.

    Chemo or a week off from chemo: I can't figure out which sounds better.

    Susan in Calif.

  5. I love duck. I hope it did you well.
    Sorry that I haven't been following as closely as I should have been, but I had a virus,and stopped outgoing email so I didn't contaminate anyone. I got a new machine and Carina sent me your address again.
    I hope that you are doing much better. Good thoughts to y'all.

  6. All the pei are hoping your day goes well today. smmooooochhhieee kisses. cause we are pei and not chows.

    Joleen and the peidren