Sunday, 17 October 2010

We've been getting phone calls

We've been getting phone calls because there has been no blog entries this week. Margot has not had the energy and I have not been paying attention is the short answer.

Margot was in hospital last Monday and Tuesday for more chemo. and apart from that her treatment schedule has developed a regular pattern; visits by the nurse early morning, midday, and evening. She is still on the glucose drip full time with other medicines added at various intervals. The infected chamber in her chest is due to be removed on the 22nd and replaced with a new one on the 2nd November.

According to the doctor, Margot's fatigue is due the cancer, the chemo, the infection, and the difficulty in eating enough. This all makes sense to me. I just hope we can get one or more of these conditions corrected in the near future.

Thanks for all your messages and support, love,  Nick and Margot


  1. Thank you for the update, again. Is the wait on the infected chamber being removed due to her fatigue? Waiting for her strength to return a little?

    Glad to hear there is somewhat of a routine... hope the recovery and eating continue.

  2. The wait on removing the chamber was to let a little time pass from her last chemo. treatment. I don't know why they wait a week from removing the old one to fitting the new.


  3. Thanks again for the update. As always, thinking of you and love to you both, Michele and Frank (from a very wet, cold and windy Scotland - yes, we are no longer in sunny France!) xxxx

  4. So it's more "hurry up and wait"?! Glad it's just more of the same, not something worse. I guess all this is because the chemo is doing such a good job!

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Susan in Calif.