Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nick does stuff, too

He's been laying the floor in the workshop machine room and taking down the ceiling to make a sturdy floor for the living room above.


  1. Some serious progress! I really can't wait to the see the finished project (I'm sure you guys can't wait either!)

  2. Breaking up the old floor was a project of its own. Wow! What was the hay from and why did you have it?

    Thanks for the update.

    Susan from California

  3. Took a lot longer to break up the floor than to set the new one.
    The building may have been a post relay at one time. That part was certainly a stable and/or housed other animals. Nick removed the manger which took up the entire length. It was usual to store the hay upstairs and toss it down. What he found were the leftovers.