Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good Day in Hospital

My doctor is on vacation, so I had to see another one today. He was lovely. (He is, actually.) First he said, "Everything seems to be working for you, doesn't it?" That was cheery.

Then he said, "You're 70, aren't you?" "In July," I said. "You don't look it," he said. See? Lovely. "I've got the good genes and the bad genes," I said. "That's how it goes," he said, or some French equivalent.

My big toenail on the left foot is almost off. Infectious nephritis. I'll recover when the chemo is finished. The good part is that my left food doesn't hurt so much now. Now if the right one would go.


  1. What a difference a good few chosen words make:-) Good to hear 'everything seems to be working for you' X Celticseahorse Book Crosser

  2. Rilly, you will be 70 in July?? No, you do NOT look your age, m'dear!
    I've lost a couple of toenails. It's really interesting watching the brand new baby nail grow in. In a weird sort of way.

  3. I agree, Carina. I couldn't believe it when she said she was almost 70. And ick on the toenails. I don't know why, but nails coming off just grosses me, whereas things like open heart surgery do not.

  4. Those are the good genes. My grandmother looked too young to be my mother -- when I was 4. She was frequently mistaken for my older sister. My mother did pretty well, too.
    The BRCA gene is the bad one.
    No toenails grossed me out, too, until the first time I lost mine, removed due to an infection. Nailbeds just look like nails. Better than my own, anyway. Except for my big toes, my nails aren't formed correctly, a birth defect.

  5. Good to hear from you and that the doctor seems pleased with your progress.

  6. A few months ago I was with someone who'd always told me that she was older than she looked. She confessed that her 72nd birthday was a few days away. I could only say "I'd have never guessed" since I'd compensated and thought she was 80.

    You, Margot, go the other way, explaining why it is hard to guess someone's age. You and your genes give 70 a good name.