Thursday, 18 February 2010

Good Day in Hospital - II

The things I forgot when writing last post.

Told the doctor my neighbour made me up some homoeopathic oil for my feet and hands.

"It won't hurt," he said. Then, "As long as it doesn't cost too much. I hate it when it costs a lot." I reassured him that it was a gift. He felt better.

I have the impression he believes it's harmless -- and ineffective. And so far it isn't doing anything, but we'll go through another three weeks of chemo and decide.

I'm still on shots to augment my white blood counts. Told the doctor I still have leftover EPO for my red blood counts. "Save it," he said. "Don't be selling it to any cyclists." Told him I was going to be a cyclist. "Not yet," he said.

He asked me if the doctor in charge of my program in Lyon explained things to me in French or English. "French," I replied. . . pause. . . "Does he speak English?" "He must," said my new doctor.

Live and learn. But I think the doctors prefer to speak French to make sure they don't screw anything up. If I screw up, nothing lost.


  1. Mais non Margot, your French must be up to snuff for even medical stuff, right?

    We do all our bureaucratic and medical stuff in German - even the emergency exam leading up to the gall bladder removal and oral surgery stuff coming up soon for one of us.

    We've learned some nest new words that way. Most recently that Zahnstein -- "toothstone" literally translated -- means "tartar."

  2. I am sure the homoeopathic oil will help, I have some especially for chilblains and it is the only thing that has ever worked.

    Also hi to cliff1976 (of wishlist fame?no gall bladder is fine, would rather have that op than the oral surgery.

  3. Still using the oil.
    That is, indeed Cliff of Wishlist fame. And *I* know him. And Sarah. Nyah, nyah, nyah. LOL!!