Friday, 23 October 2009

The Opium Den

For the past couple of days I've been feeling rotten, again. Do I have a cold? (Arghghghgh! Will I miss my chemo?) Do I have SAD? It's been raining and raining and raining and raining and raining and. . . (Nick says only 3 days.) I took to bed. Sulking.

Today Nick figured out the problem. For a couple of weeks now, I've not needed my top-up morphine -- not enough pain -- but I've been taking the 20 mg slow-release pills, anyway. A few days ago I ran out and they require a special prescription. Not only do I need a special prescription, my doctors can't get it together about who gives me what, so I haven't been taking any morphine at all. Withdrawal symptoms, anyone? Never let the hospital tell you you're on too small a dose to have a problem. I got a new supply yesterday and started on halves about an hour ago. Hello world.

Saw the urologist. He went on about my kidneys (which are still O.K.) I said my major problem was my bladder and the infection. That may be your major problem, he said, but my major problem is your kidneys. The look on his face was both horrifying and priceless when I told him how long I'd had the catheter and it hadn't been changed. And it wasn't working, anyway. So it's out!!!! I have these little self-service units called intermittent catheters which I don't seem to need much. Mine's the green model.

When the urologist sent me upstairs to get the Rx from the oncologist, we had a longish wait in the waiting room. The lunch trolley came by and they asked if I wanted to eat. "Oh, I'm not here for treatment," I said, "just for a consultatation." But there was a tray with my name on it (they must not have realised it's my off week), so Nick and I had salad, veal steak, buttered macaroni, goat's cheese, bread and peach compote for lunch. LOL!!


  1. I was so pleased to discover that you had posted today. I had just been wondering how you were doing, so now I know the news from the Opium Den.

    Lots of reading by the looks of it just off to read the reviews.

    Convinced I suffer from SAD myself. It has been rather miserable here as well if that is any consolation.

  2. I'm pretty much convinced that SAD is the major reason for departing Britain.

  3. Reply to deleted comment:

    I have removed your comment from my blog, Nightmare Dog-Owner. Please do not spam my blog, again, or I will give you the publicity you seek on my 1,000-strong dog owners' list. You won't like it.


  4. I'm afraid to ask how long the catheter was in.
    Glad you got your morphine rx and are feeling better!
    And I want you to sick the dog list on the spammer. I've been in a rotten mood lately, with the festival of dog issues, it'll give me someone to go after.