Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I'm blogging, I'm blogging

Well first, I forgot to tell you about the human fly.

During my last treatment, I noticed a guy standing on the balcony of an adjacent wing of the hospital. Another guy was standing on the balcony around the corner. Then he stopped standing and started climbing. I asked the nurse if this was normal. She said they're working on the new wing, which the oncology unit is moving into in the spring.

Current unit looks all right to me, but I lived for 13 years with English hospitals: Victorian, haven't been cleaned since, light bulbs not replaced, trash unbagged and piled in corners, food delivered down the corridors in tractor-type vehicles -- that have been driven OUTSIDE. I am not making this up.

My legs are going down quite nicely. My feet no longer look like baloons, my legs no longer look exactly like they came from a piano stool, but I still have these golf balls on my ankles. Rats!

Saw the Lyon oncologist on Monday. He was happy with the progress I reported, too. A 5-hour drive for a 10-minute consultation. We decided that the catheter may have to come out as it isn't working very well, anyway, but I don't see the urologist until the 21st. Meanwhile it's Big Girl Panties!!

I also have an infection around the catheter; the microbe is proteus. I looked it up, but it's a bit complicated and I haven't had the time to read. Another test tomorrow and a course of antibiotics, I believe. The Valence oncologist actually telephoned and left a message on the answering machine. They talk to me!

One of the things I've been doing is translating the menu for the hotel/restaurant. When I offered, the owner looked slightly offended, but when I told her she was giving away the napkins and tablecloth with the starter (No, not making this up), she thought she'd avail herself of my services.

We got free drinks out of it yesterday evening. "Do you think we should order a second round and pay for it to be polite"? I asked Nick. We did. That one came free, too. So I bought a magazine. The bar is also the local magazine shop.

For the first time since we've been in France, I have bought a couple of new clothes in advance of the changing season and the advance in my weight. Today I bought a purple knit poncho. I've never worn a poncho in my life. Fat clothes. Here's one of my latest outfits: wide-leg trousers to hide the catheter bag; loose tops to hide stomach. Never been so stylish in my life. The point is, though, I don't mind autumn arriving as much as I usually do.

Read slowly. Nick's brother, John (John B. as opposed to John P., sister Sarah's husband) and his wife, Carole, arrive tomorrow from Spain, so I may be even more behind than usual. They're great houseguests and I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I think you look fabulous in your new get-up. It looks stylish, not like "fat clothes"!
    Can't wait to see the purple poncho!

  2. Oh, shucks! I kinda like 'em, too. And I admit to looking better with more weight on my face. Wrinkles are aging. Then, again, so is fat at my age. Then, again, so is my age. LOL!!

  3. I *love* that outfit, you look great.
    You probably don't do US eBay, but there's a seller on there I've bought a few outfits from.
    Oh wait, I just found they have a real store:
    I like the India collection stuff, very floaty and colorful.

  4. Enjoy your guests, oh and I love those cats!

  5. Carina: But I do, I do. At least I will if I ever get PayPal sorted out. Bookmarked.

    Everybody: Thank you for the compliments. I've lost 7 kg in 2 weeks. The doctor says it's because of the cortisone. I'm cutting down. I don't seem to have lost weight, though, except my legs are half the size they were.

  6. Hi, love that top they have names? I'm taking my 'new' autumn, cover up that tum (and adjusting to the wonders of the aging process) look cardi thing, back. In the light of day it really wasn't as flattering as I made myself believe in the shop:-0 Sorry not been posting sorting life yuc:-) but still been thinking of youxx Jane Cornwall