Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Dog Blog

I am really tired of cutting up the "dogs'" food in cat-sized portions. Starting this week, they're getting whole pieces -- or, in Van-Ly's case, halves. But today she goes on wholes. Nala ate a whole pork chop last night, uncut! (She's Reformed.) After having carried over a chicken meal the day before, Van-Ly ate her pork chop in halves. A mighty improvement. And she's only 5 years old. :-)

Nala, by the way, is dancing around like a, uh, um, a dog! Walkies! Food! I think this is because she found out I either can't add or my memory is shot. We got her when Van-Ly was one, not at the same time. Van-Ly is only 5. Ergo, Nala is not 12, but 11. Hey, I'd dance, too, if someone wanted to take 7 years off my age.

She had to go out in the middle of the night a few days ago. She woke me up and stood at the back door. When I let her out, she went to the back of the courtyard and I went back to bed for a few minutes. When I got up to let her back in she came down from the garden. You may find this boring, but Nala doesn't do back door. Hey, she understands night! (I don't do walkies at night.)

Still holding up under chemo. Lunch was lousy this week. Well, it wasn't lousy; it was choucroute -- sauerkraut and hotdog and bacon and (skip the ham). I love sauerkraut, but can't eat it on my low residue diet. Maybe I should tell the hospital about my diet.

Going to Lyon Monday afternoon and staying the night with friends. On Tuesday, we're meeting Nick's sister, Jane, and their mother, Avril, for lunch, after Avril's eye appointment. Then we're returning home Tuesday night with Avril. Such nice hosts: we're taking the dogs.

I have just given out our first trick-or-treat treat in the 17 years we've been here. You remember the kid across the street?

Have a nice Halloween.

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