Friday, 9 October 2009

Chemo and More WAGs

And I forgot to say:

  • The swelling in my feet and legs has diminished slightly. You'd have to be living with it to notice.
  • I lost two kgs. Not easy when you're eating an entire package of madelines a day.
So I told this to the doctor and she said, "Glad to hear it," and wrote it down. Of course, she might have been writing, "This woman is a complete nutter" -- I couldn't see -- but she seemed happy.

Slight nausea at end of chemo, treated with an anti-nausea drug. No nausea today.

Lunch was salad, pork roast, mashed potatoes, soft gruyère (packaged, I'm sorry to say), apple and pineapple sauce. I had to stick around an extra half hour in order not to miss it.


  1. Excellent.
    And lunch sounds good too. I just remembered a story, almost 30 years ago. A friend of mine spent quite a few days in hospital (this was before Amrican hospitals kicked you out as soon as you stopped bleeding and convulsing unless you had really excellent insurance) and that was during a time where I was extremely poor. So I'd visit her at least twice a day and swet-talk the hospital out of another *ack* meal so I could eat. My other meals were probably free happy hour food at a bar, when you could go order one drink and eat 2lbs of food. Those were the days!

  2. I remember those hospital meals. You have to pay now -- about 5€.