Monday, 28 September 2009

Why We Are Getting a Bigger Bed

Bedtime with Miosa (sitting), Harry (white, sleeping), FloJo (calico, next to me) and the world's greatest invention:

The little dog (or bear) with long arms has LEDs in its paws, directed onto my book when I turn out the main light. Its head, on which rests my head, makes for a perfect reading angle.

Tonight I discovered it's also the perfect angle when you are BBQing and it's dark outside. It's supposed to be for kids -- huh!

Having been woken by the nurse at 10:30 this morning, I forced myself to get dressed and then went back to sleep in a chair until 5:30. Is life hard or what?

Tomorrow, Lyon and a consultation with the surgeon.


  1. I *love* your book-light-neck-cradle-thingy! And yes, I understand about the bed. I have a Queen-sized bed and it barely fits me and one bedhog of a Basenji!

  2. That is one cool book light. I need one!
    I'll trade you 3 cats for an 85 pound Siberian Husky who takes her half of the bed in the middle, belly up, flayed. She is like a huge mound of fluffy Jell-O, impossible to scoot over
    Ray Charles, thankfully, limits himself to the dog beds these days.

  3. My God, those cats are huge! Bet you're warm, eh? Neat-O as it is, I don't need a book light - that's cause I'm single and can turn on any damn light I please whenever I want to. As for a bigger bed, maybe you could just shut the door? And wear earplugs, of course. HA!