Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Benidorm has great hats! This one arrived today.

Some things I forgot yesterday:

The doctor said we could make all the entrance arrangements for my visit in two weeks before leaving yesterday. We went back to reception and took a number for Hospitalisation. It was 968. The current number on the screen was 892. Ho, ho, not me! I'm not waiting. "Let's see if the skip a lot; doesn't look like so many people waiting," said Nick. So we sat. After about 5 minutes, as the numbers went by one by one, Nick turn our ticket right side up. Try it.

I won't have CA-125 counts every week from now on because Dr. Dranés says it's not very useful. However, the little bit of chemo I've had so far seems to be working. My CA-125 is down to 1686 from 2455.


  1. so so good to see your face. You look great my dear. And what great news about your counts coming down. Hallelujah!!!! The pei send rump bumps to their cousins the chow chow :)

  2. 896. hahahaha!
    Joleen's right, you really look fabulous! Hat or no hat. :)

  3. Having had visitors for the last two weeks, just caught up with blog reading.

    Did the number trick work?

    Virtual hugs