Saturday, 5 September 2009

No, Virginia. . .

I am not moribund. If that were so, I'd probably be sulky instead of rolling in gratitude. I got a nice package yesterday, which triggered off the post. I don't say "thank you" often enough.

On the other hand, there is a less sunny side. I haven't been purposely hiding it; I'm just too tired to write about it. And crabby about being tired. Nevertheless, here goes:

I still have a blocked bladder and partially blocked kidneys. The new operation was not only not a success, I suspect it might not have been necessary. I can neither sit up nor stand up because of the pain, which means I've been pretty much bedridden for the last two weeks. My catheter bag is full of a liquid the colour of Victorian cranberry glass. Better than the colour of a vampire bite, its original shade.

The hospital staff are not keeping in touch properly with the Lyon doctors. Yesterday, the doctor at Lyon asked me to have my GP come for a visit and call him. We missed a lot of connections, but what should be happening now is that I should be going to Lyon on Monday to get sorted out. My GP let me know that there are other ways of unblocking my urinary system, so I'm not in imminent danger of dying of uraemic poisoning -- or an explosion. Right away, that cheered me up, although I'd written the other post already.

I think I'll go eat a chocolate truffle now. ;-)


  1. I hope you enjoyed the truffle. m thoughts are with you as always. Having just read your last two blogs wanted to send you a virtual hug as well.

  2. Have two truffles. :)
    Hope to hear an update soon, and that your Lyon trip gave you some answers.

  3. I agree, have 2 truffles. Hospital staff needs their butt kicked. Good luck getting it sorted out. Very glad to hear you're not going to explode. Please don't do that.


  4. No 'sploding, Margot. Hopefully Monday's visit was productive.
    My dad had a catheter for a while and being of a literary bent, he named it Willa (after the author Willa Cather.) I hope you get to discard your Willa soon.