Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Oncologist

Her name is Dr. Dranés and, point in her favour, she talks. ("I'd be very surprised if the surgeon can operate now, but it's still worth the consultation.") I have another appointment with her in two weeks. It will be for chemo if my platelets are high enough (28 right now); if not, I'll have another consultation.

She's getting me an appointment with another urologist, Dr. Lopez. The first date he had was October 13th, so they're working on it.

I have an appointment with the surgeon at Léon Bérard on the 29th. See above.

Dr. Dranés said I'm not taking very high does of any of my million pain killers, so feel free to take extra morphine if I feel the need.

I feel more comfortable with my medical team now, but what do I know?

Long day. I'm tir-r-r-r-ed.

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  1. Comfort with your medical team is very important. And it's nice when they actually talk to you!