Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Nala, Nala, Nala - Free Dog

Nala hasn't eaten since Saturday morning, so we went to the vet. He did a blood panel and the counts that are out of whack point to pancreatitis, but she hasn't been throwing up or doing the other things that would entail. So, we went back this afternoon for a sonagram. There is liquid in her stomach and a lot of fat. The fat is white and thick and prevented the vet from seeing her pancreas very well. He did see a little nodule somewhere, but it didn't seem to indicate much. He also couldn't find her spleen.

Opting for the conservative course, we left her there for an x-ray, and infusion and 48 hours of observation. If she improves within the next couple of weeks, which presumes that she starts eating, we go with pancreatitis. I will now have to review all those Raw-Lite posts that I previously ignored about a pancreatitis diet. If she doesn't improve, we do exploratory surgery to see if there is an obstruction or the nodule means anything.

Here's the good news: So far, it doesn't seem like cancer and someone once loved her enough to have her spleen removed. Her whole life has not been bad.

Tonight we have opera tickets for the first time in 2 or 3 years. Watching Lucia slaughter her new husband and the wedding party will probably take my mind off Nala.

Correction: She only slaughtered the husband, but it was bloody enough for the kids in the audience.


  1. Lucia de Lammamoor (sp?) My mother was big on opera when I was growing up...probably explains why I never warmed to it. Liked the Threepenny Opera though.
    I hope Nala will be fine.

  2. OK, listen up... Don't freakin' scare me like this! I'm already a quivering, nervous mess! Don't be posting "free dog"... After reading I realize you mean "free dog" as in no charge, but initially I read it as "free dog" gone the rainbow bridge! Wish me luck for tomorrow.... About 11 hours from now I will be taking the national license exam for radiology tech.

    All the best to poor Nala.