Sunday, 31 May 2009

You Know Who Your Friends Are - 1

Here are the pictures from Cleaning Day. Cast of characters:
  • Anne - English, cleaning queen
  • Michael - her husband, English, retired (!) plumbing & heating contractor
  • Polo - Chilean, baker, husband of
  • Nadine - French. It is their house that we've been helping to build.
  • Laurence - Belgian (French), she only spills paint on herself
  • Marie - French. She and her doctor husband lived in Old School before us.
  • Mireille - French. It was fruit from her trees that we used to sell by the roadside
The "bedroom" and "living room" will be come showroom space when our apartment is done, the "kitchen" will be the finishing shop, and the "hopeless workshop" will be the machine shop. I'm going to try to set up an album that will show progress for each room.

Meanwhile, the baby birds are no more. Our cats escaped. Mother Nature is red in tooth and claw.


  1. Looks beautiful!
    If I was a hop skip and a jump (or reasonable drive) from you guys I would so be there painting. :0)

  2. Beautiful? Ha! The paint was a stopgap. We're going to render the walls with lime and sand, local fashion. It breathes. You want to be practicing flipping glop off a trowel so it sticks to the wall. :-)

  3. Fabulous! I absolutely love the garden! The place is on it's way. Patch up those walls, get a good paint job on there and throw down some rugs... you're good to go! Such a quant place, I like the street view too. Nice birdie nest for the cats to terrorize. ;-) You are luck to have wonderful friends that help you out! All in all a big success I'd say.

    And just read the no paint job comment. Can't wait to see the finished product!