Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nala is Home

Shaved for the sonagram. Shaved on her paws for blood tests and perfusions (the first one fell out). But happy. And eating.

They tested her this afternoon with an "aperatif" and she ate it, so they said she could eat tonight. And she did. The vet (the one I like was there) approved her menu of overcooked rice and chicken breast. Let's hear it for

The thing is the blood work, the sonagram and the x-ray all indicate pancreatitis, but the only symptom she has is/was not eating. She's only lost 2 kilos and that will help with her elbows, so I won't worry. Anyway, we're going with the pancreatitis diet and I'll call the vet Monday with the results.

Fortunately, my new computer, the equivalent of my old computer, was half the price of the old one. We spent the other almost half on Nala, but getting away with under 400€ for the sonagram and a 2-day hospital stay wasn't bad. Good thing, we're going for a cheaper kitchen.

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  1. Glad to see you are back on line and managed to get a new computer, dropped it.... really.... Address please, feel the need to send suitably tacky welcome to new home card and a Northumbrian delicacy. Fiona xxx