Sunday, 14 June 2009

Moving & Clearing & Playing

We moved. We began clearing up. This week I will try to get pictures of the state of play.

New doctor is very up on ovarian cancer because his mother had it. I haven't got up the nerve, yet, to ask if she's still alive. At any rate, he wants me to have another opinion at a bigger hospital. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a professor/surgeon/oncologist.

Nick has started with a new physio. She seems to be pretty good.

The neighbours are wonderful.

New doctor says I can go out in the sun, so yesterday we went canoeing on the DrĂ´me. I was as in the sun as I can ever get. Like the tights? Skiing underwear.

Last year, the girls had to meet boys on the river. This year they brought their own: schoolmates. We started with 9 canoes. By the time we'd met more schoolmates on the river, we returned to base with between 22 & 24. It was hard to count.

We'd have pictures of the afternoon, but the camera got wet. So did we.


  1. Um, is that TP? I don't think you have enough, HA! How did you come to the decision to get a new doc? How does that work in French medicine? He sounds - you make him sound - better than Dr. Litor. Good repoire? So, is the chemo you started on hold until after the new doc's second opinion? Here's to a positive opinion and a new and better direction in your treatment, please God.

  2. Yep, always good to have a supply on hand.
    New GP is because we moved. We just go to a new one and inform the regional authority. I like him. So far. Chemo isn't until next week and tomorrow is the new doctor, so we will see.

  3. That looks delightful! Hope the visit with the new doc went well today.

  4. How'd the appointment with the new doctor go?