Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Unhappy Dance

Training has not been going well. More like, it hasn't been going. What with exhibitions, illness, bad backs, doctor's appointments, and a hundred other things, Van-Ly hasn't been getting out much. Yesterday, she got a short walk around a field while I drove looking for Nala.

Today, we went to the village to train on the place and it was like starting over. Then, after five minutes Nick and Nala reappeared because Nala was, unsurprisingly, tired after her two-hour walkabout yesterday. Then a neighbour arrived to ask if we know anyone in England who might take his son in for a week to practice his English. Then the white Lab, who runs loose to play and poop as he will arrived. (Why those people have a dog is beyond me. He was a cute puppy, true, but he's still cute.) So we gave it up and came home. Two days with no walk for Van-Ly.

Feeling guilty, I left Nick with the dishes and the sink to repair, got my coat and gloves (winter comes to Provence) and went outside to dig Van-Ly's collar and lead out of the car. She was sitting in the sun, just looking. Didn't move when she saw me. But then I shut the car door and she saw that I had the (non-training) collar and (normal) lead in my hands.

And she got up and did half a happy dance.

So sad. When Nala arrived here, she had been living in a van for I don't know how long. I believe she was let out once or twice a day to eliminate and then put back. It couldn't have been much fun to walk her; by the time we got her fifteen months ago, she was mostly blind from entropion and eye infections and could barely walk. But from the first time she realised we were going to take her for a walk, she did the happy dance. (Kinda wore her out for the walk.) And to this day she does the happy dance.

Van-Ly does not dance. So, today, when she did, she almost broke my heart. Lately, it must seem to her that she always has to go training or nothing and Nala gets all the walks. It isn't quite true, but close enough for her line of thinking. I guess she thought if she did the happy dance, she'd get a walk, too.

Maybe she'd like steak and lobster for dinner.

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