Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Boar Poop Distraction

Finally out for a training session. What with my husband appearing to have a heart attack on Sunday, dog training has not been Top of the Pops. As it turned out, he didn't have a heart attack, but it took a full day to find that out and then some GP visits to get him sorted. Anyhoo. . .

Our last two outings were on a straight line (Van-Ly's and mine; not Nick's and mine). It took two for me to realise why you work in a diamond or a square pattern, so today we went to the field, where I picked a smaller diamond to work than previously. At the start, the wild boar poop proved too much of an attraction, so we moved to another part of the field. After 15 minutes, Van-Ly appeared to be doing well (I'm still not sure how perfect she has to be),so we went back to the boar poop areas. Several turns weren't great, but then she seemed to get it. I did have to stop and untangle the line one time. It was not only tangled; she had managed to get it in a square knot around her leg. Misplaced talent.

We'll try, again, tomorrow. Unfortunately, we have to miss Friday and Sunday due to the exhibition. And Monday because of the accountant.

We'll get there.

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