Thursday, 14 December 2006

Around the Place

Today we went to the village and trained on the place ("plass"). I was hoping that there would be some dogs around to act as distractions, but no one, including a dog, goes out when it gets winter cold -- except mad dogs and Englishmen. (If you speak English, you're English. QED)

It turned out, however, to be a great place to train. There just weren't enough flower pots and lamp posts for Van-Ly to tangle herself in. It was like before Day 1. After 15 minutes we were interrupted by Nick and Nala and had to take a break. It was then that I discovered I had the line attached to the wrong ring. Sigh.

Sent Nick and Nala off in another direction, fixed the line, and we did two clean rounds. Then Nick and Nala came back. DQ.

Great training ground, though. We'll do it, again.

But not tomorrow. Back to the exhibition in Avignon to look like an artist -- or, at least, an artist's wife.


  1. Yay! Keep up the good work and she'll get it. Sounds like you found a good area. Now if you could just come across a cat or two...

  2. I thought it was the midday sun that only mad dogs and Englishmen braved? Heh. Well, perseverence WILL pay off.
    Cats are probably a better distraction than boar poop. I walk my dogs in the 'hood often, so they're used to cats. But for woodland hikes I REALLY have to watch for deer. I lost Cooper for about 45 minutes once, luckily he came back eventually but it scared me half to death. He took off after a deer, and made this high pitched yipping and howling which I could hear in the distance. His lizard brain took over in the excitement of the hunt and he was just oblivious to anything else.