Saturday, 2 December 2006


We didn't take the dogs to Avignon yesterday. Nick had to buy wood, so there was no room. Just as well; having Nala snoring in the second floor 17th century drawing room during the press conference might have been a tad more attention than we wanted.

Van-Ly and I started on distractions today. I couldn't use the open gate routine as, contrary to W. Koehler's expectations, I am not a complete idiot, and one of the few things our dogs learn is not to dash onto the road. Either they sit and wait for my "voila!" or there is no walkies.

So, we went on our village walk, through the trees. Van-Ly was very good. She did not try to go sideways to the river or stop for anything except, one time, to smell the wild boar poop. We didn't go as far as the field where she plays or the part of the river where she wades. Enough is enough for one time. At the end of our walk, we saw Nick and Nala and Van-Ly trotted too far ahead of me. I stepped on her line. She tried once more and then walked nicely with me.

Next we will try the field and the river. The last test will be a real dog, not Nala. Chows don't count.

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