Friday, 27 August 2010

Scan and Checkup

I'm better.  I managed to stay up for a whole day Wednesday, though much of it was spent in the car or waiting around on chairs.  And another day yesterday until 4 PM when we got home from Lyon.

The tumour is still good, but has grown slightly.  And I have spots in my liver.  This is not liver cancer, explains the doctor.  This is ovarian cancer in the liver.  Very subtle; too subtle for me.  Nick says that the liver cells are fine, but the liver is being invaded.

Anyway, not to worry now, but to keep an eye on and control. So, back to chemo.  Starting September 9, every two weeks.



  1. I understand about it not being liver cancer, as recently explained by a friend whose breast cancer dormant for many years has now appeared in her lungs. As you say onwards with the battle. New hats may be needed :)

  2. Margot,

    Thank you for explaining the distinction. Lordy, lordy!

    How is the "back pain" that signaled this latest episode going?

    Was this chemo already scheduled or is it a different round?

    Susan in California

  3. Margot, still here, as always waiting to hear the latest news from you. Thanks for all the explanations.