Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It's been so long since I've written. . .

. . . that you're all going to stop writing me.

I may not have a back problem.  I think I have a kidney problem.  Blood in urine.  Feels like infection, but no infection.  I think the catheter is causing problems and the medicines are making me sick.  Stopped the meds and hurt more this morning, so I had to go back to the morphine.  Going to the doctor.

Have you noticed that the doctors seem to mess me up as often as they do me some good?


  1. Hi Margot. You still continue in my prayers and thoughts. Hope those Chows are helping you feel a little better.

  2. Dear Margot,

    Gone are the days when one would look open-eyed at the MD and say "Tell me, Doctor, what is wrong!"

    Because of the Internet, so we have a source of other ideas? Because of better meds so we can think (mostly) clearly enough to question what we are seeing? Or maybe that only happened in bad screen-writing?

    Gary and I are thinking of you and Nick so much,

    Susan in N. Calif

  3. Nick here, I took Margot back to the hospital last night because the doctors were worried that it was the kidneys causing the problem. After more tests and ultrasounds today the kidneys look OK. They are keeping her in for monitoring for the time being but nothing conclusive has been found.

  4. Yes I would always say when I was having treatment, "they are trying to kill me" but as always they would say after a problem with treatment " oh yes this is always a possible side effect"
    Love John

  5. Sorry to hear Margot is back in hospital, as she mentioned one thing does often seem to lead to another :(

    Let her know our thoughts are with her as always.

  6. I'm glad your kidneys are OK, hope they figure this out soon so Margot can stop hurting.

    Thinking of you Margot, thanks for the updates Nick.


  7. Thinking of you both xx Celticseahorse

  8. Nick, keep us updated.

    There is another book I want to send Margot to read during her recuperation.