Tuesday, 24 August 2010

AAFCO Admits Rendered Pets in Pet Food

My pets have been on a diet of raw meat and bones for five years.  Human grade.  From the supermarket.  Like us.  Everyone I know thinks I'm a nut, but I have friends on Yahoo Groups.

The animals are healthy and FloJo's teeth, which were disgusting and had to be cleaned under anaesthetic five years ago, have been sparkling clean since we switched.  Unless you are buying top premium pet food from small manufacturers (getting harder and harder; Purina keeps buying them up), and you really know how to read labels, your pets could be eating anything, including your previous pet.  And, at last, it's been caught on camera.  Not gory, just an interview with those folks in charge of pet food standards.

Baby Miosa's first chicken wing


  1. I just searched this topic to send the story to some other people and your blog comes up number three on the google search. Well done!


  2. And of course we all know the stories they tell about sausages.

    Susan in N Calif.