Saturday, 8 May 2010

My friends on Raw-Lite would understand

I hope Nevada Barr won't mind if I quote from Deep South, her ninth novel about the National Park Service ranger, Anna Pigeon.

As background to this excerpt, Anna's black Labrador is recovering from surgery, having had his leg amputated after an encounter with an alligator.

. . . she found a paper sack on the top of her patrol vehicle.  Inside were the dismembered parts of some small animal, probably a squirrel.  Grim and chilling images of The Godfather and waking up with the severed head of a horse on one's bed were stirring her hackles to the vertical when she discovered the note.  "Went squirrel hunting.  Nothing like good red meat for a sick dog.  Frank.

     On her way out, Anna thanked the maintenance man for the thoughtful gift, then surreptitiously dumped it in the garbage can in the tiny visitors center, careful to bury it beneath a layer of other refuse so Frank wouldn't inadvertently see it and get his feelings hurt when he collected the trash.

My reaction?  "Awwwww.  What a waste!  And Taco didn't get his treat."

We raw feeders are, maybe, a bit peculiar, but we think those of you feeding your pets dried up little pellets of chemicals and slaughter-house waste are the odd ones.

(Hey, do I often preach?)


  1. I understand and appreciate it. Frank sounds like a smart guy.

    It's been a long time since anyone gave me a hard time about raw, so I was a bit surprised yesterday when a co-worker gave me the chicken bone lecture. My assurances and explanations fell on deaf ears. Afterward, I said to another co-worker, "Oh, that reminds me, I'm out of pet food, I have to stop at the store and pick up some chickens on my way home" :)

    I bought three fryer chickens, on sale. Should I tell Indy and the cats that they're living on borrowed time?

  2. You can't win; they wouldnt believe you, either. Oh, well, you know dogs and cats: Live for the day. :-)