Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Meet the surgeon

Yesterday I met with the surgeon, the nice man who recommended Douglas Kennedy's books to me.  That worked out well.  I recommend them to you.

He says he's not going to know what he can do or how much he must do until he goes in and looks.  The tumor is very big and and he thinks he can't get it all.  The good news (I'm not sure why) is that it moves, which makes it a better bet for surgery.

Next I have a consultation with the urologist, then a day in hospital for him to go in with camera and double-J stents  Then I have another consult with Dr. Meeus, the surgeon, to make sure I understand what's going to happen and decide how many things I'm willing for him to take out. Even though he may or may not take things out depending on how they look.

That's three more visits to Lyon.  Dr. Meeus's secretary said she'd at least try to schedule the anaesthesiology consult the same day as the surgery consult.  Surgery is scheduled for June 22.


  1. Kennedy -I haven't tried them yet but you are 2nd person in last week to mention him. Here's to 22nd and best outcome xx celticseahorse

  2. Yes I like Douglas Kennedy as well. We have a friend who has recently had to have a stent fitted to help his situation and so far so good.

    Good luck with all those appointments, six weeks will pass quick enough.

  3. How cool is that, a surgeon who recommends books. I've not heard of Douglas Kennedy before.

    I suppose a moveable tumor means it's not really firmly attached and therefore easier to get to all the margins? ((hugs)) to Margot. Keep updating!