Saturday, 1 May 2010

Checking In

Where have I been?  Sleeping, getting the car CD fixed, buying a sofa, sleeping, "gardening."

Our cassette player with the attached CD changer died and Nick went to get a new one.  Wherever he was, they don't do cassette players any more.  This annoys me more than I can say as the books we usually listen to in the car are on cassette which I obtain from BookMooch.  Now we're trying to get a portable cassette player with good enough sound to hook up to the CD player.

It's amazing how much furniture is sold these days that comes in your choice of one colour, maybe two.  Even expensive furniture, of the sort that we can't afford, anyway.  What ever happened to "I like that one and I'll have it in this colour"?  So when we stumbled into a furniture shop the other day with sofas that came in the pale lavender matching the chair we bought, we bought one.  Lavender cushions with taupe base and arms.  With all the pictures I take, I forgot to take a picture of it, but it's soft, comfortable, and Italian.  One day we will have a place to put it.

This is the Stokke Gravity Chair.  Ours has a dark wood frame with pale lavender upholstery:

We now have temporary cement pavement (sidewalks) in front of the house.  I hear that we will have new, pretty pavements in the autumn when the village has more money.  Yesterday we put all the plants back in front of the house.  I must be feeling better.

Isn't it amazing how you can get a whole blog out of nothing?  For something, I suggest you read Debunking the Myth of French Rudeness.


  1. Hi Margot, I can be found on Bookmooch as well with the same user name. I had no idea they had cassettes though, must take a look sometime.

  2. Margot, I had to convert from books-on-tape to books-on-CD when I replaced my car. Both were available at the library, but over time the library stopped buying them on tape, so my choices were getting more and more limited. I miss certain things about the tapes, like being able to stop and restart at the exact word.
    I hate it when new technology actually replaces the older stuff that worked well enough. We don't subscribe to cable tv and now have fewer channels available to us than we had before the conversion to digital. If something was fuzzy before, it is now non-existent. Maybe not so bad, because that means even less tv watching. :-)
    Around here I'm seeing the more limited color choice in what I buy the most: L'Oreal (or the places that stock it locally) eliminated MY hair color. Think they are trying to say something? Hiking socks are also in fewer colors, but they last longer.
    Continue to post pictures! Susan in California

  3. My mother said you couldn't be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. I guess Oreal decided you were too comfortable. :-)
    We can convert the tapes to CD, but it is an onerous, boring process.