Sunday, 20 December 2009

House-- Terrace -- and Weather -- Corrected - Really

We (the Royal "we" aka Nick) are making progress. Here is the dug-out terrace. Or part of it.

I apologise for the length of the slide show. My cats are just too cute.

And in other news: I've got a cold. A mild one, but a cold.


  1. Looking good!! And you can keep the snow! I hope you get over that cold fast enough.

  2. Beautiful!! That's about how much snow we got. Really pretty...your cats look amazing. :)


  3. Grâce à tes photos, je vois qu'il a neigé dans la région et je regrette d'être si loin car j'aime beaucoup les paysages enneigés. J'espère que ton coup de froid ne va pas durer et malgré tous tes soucis que tu vas passer un bon Noël.
    Mes meilleurs voeux surtout de santé pour toi et Nick.

  4. Margot and Nick, watch for our Holiday letter - I sent it via pdf, so hope you can open it. I didn't have an address for you, just email. I am following your blog closely and I so enjoyed the pictures of your construction and the snow!
    Take care and keep working on getting well, Margot!

    Elaine and Dwight

  5. Great video, very photogenic cats and hounds:-)glad to see work still progressing. Snow looks beautiful just wet and cold here with little bits of sun.
    Seasons greetings xx celticseahorse/jane