Sunday, 25 January 2009

Post We Must. . .

. . . or we get nagged.

I'm sleeping on the sofa because. . .

Nick is down with the flu or the gastro, he's not sure which. This is his third day in bed. Tomorrow I call the doctor. He doesn't want to drag her out today and, besides, the pharmacy is closed.

I'm feeling marginally better, although I have no desire to do anything except rest and read. This is good for my new blog, 25 Words or Less on Books (see sidebar), but not so great for walkies.

Van-Ly is mad at me because she's used to having breakfast at 7:30 and I don't get up until (mumble, mumble, mumble). The sofa is pretty comfortable for sleeping.

The cats are on a modified hunger strike. If they can't have breakfast on time, they don't want it.

Nala doesn't mind late meals; she just sleeps, wakes up to eat, sleeps. Her eyes are a mess, again, filling with gunk faster than I can clean them. I fear she needs another operation. And walkies.

Altogether, a bummed out household.


  1. Darn it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

  2. Send Nala over, we've got all the walkies in the world and she's better suited to this weather than the pibbles.
    Chicken soup for everyone else.

  3. It sounds like a pretty normal household to me, except currently we're sort of healthy, but all that could change.