Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Lose Some, Win Some

Rats! A 3 hour round-trip journey and 3 hours wasted in the hospital, yesterday. Platelets are too low, again. The three hours in the hospital were for another blood test, in the hopes that the platelets had reasserted themselves. They hadn't.
For some reason, they want them to come back by themselves, so my new chemo appointment is for a week from Friday.

I've been interviewed for our local paper about Obama's election. By e-mail. The paper comes out Thursday, so we'll see if I become famous for 15 minutes.

P.S. Blood results just arrived. Platelets are down to 63. CA-125 continues to fall: 66.20 from 66.60 last week.


  1. Well damn!
    And way to go on the interview. If it's published, you'll need to translate for us.

  2. If it gets published - yep translate and post! Woo hoo!