Monday, 13 July 2009

Terraces and Terracing

We have had our new friend, Thomas ("Toe-mah"), over to see if he can dig out in back of the house to make our terrace. Maybe, but there is no access for the digger and we'd have to hire the big builder to make a road first. Big bills. But Thomas had an idea.

The unpainted doors to the right are where the workshop machinery will go and above it will be the living room.

You can see the problem in the cutaway Nick made. The house is built into the mountain.

Here's the potential machine room, finally cleared after 2 months. (The manger still has to come out.) I can't show you a picture of the room above because it's not safe to walk in there.
Before starting the workshop, we knock down the current ceiling and install scaffolding. Then we knock out the rear wall of the upper story (living room) and dig from the inside, dumping the rocks and earth into the workshop. The stone we keep for terracing, so the mountain won't fall on the house, and Thomas will cart the dirt away.

We'll have a smaller terrace than originally planned, leading from the living room, and a glass wall, slightly recessed into the room. Stairs will take you to the upper garden level -- level with our neighbours terraces.

This is the design that Nick drew.

Talk about lemonade from lemons!

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  1. I think I follow the idea ..but being a friday afternoon and sun has finally appeared after lashings of rain for several days causing flash floods here..just a thought on good drainage:-)

    Lots of lovely light sounds good to me xx
    Hope you have agood weekend