Wednesday, 22 July 2009

"Dogs" and Dogs

There are gypsy caravans parked on the place, where we usually walk Nala and Van-Ly, next to the river. The gypsies are here for the fruit picking season. In our area: cherries and apricots and plums. Lower down: those plus peaches and nectarines.

The gypsies have dogs and, after a couple of days, two of them got up the nerve to wander over and check out the action.

Our "dogs" do the dog thing and sniff butts. They are not, however, into reciprocal sniffing. Nala tries avoidance. Van-Ly lifts her lip. Before she can attack, I make her sit.

The two dogs kind of get the message, but after five minutes of no further activity, the brown one bounces down into a play bow in front of Van-Ly. Now if there is one thing that annoys Van-Ly more than some moron trying to sniff her butt, it's a moron who thinks she wants to play. I make her sit, again.

Nala would be O.K. if the dumb dogs wouldn't insist on acting like dogs. Van-Ly is hopeless.


  1. Irritation at moronic behavioUr isn't necessarily feline - cats disdain everyone equally. No, it's more a majestic attribute. I shall now refer to your cat-dogs as "The Royal We". Damn commoners, HA!!

  2. Although I do not promote dogs running free, somehow, I think your breed may be the problem. Chows are not exactly social dogs. In fact, as a 20 year veteran dog groomer, they are my only restricted breed due to their agressive tendancies.

  3. No, my dogs are not a problem. The only thing Nala does when irritated is run away. Van-Ly sits -- because I tell her to.
    Your problem is that back in the 80s, when Chows were oh so fashionable, so much bad breeding took place, you're stuck with bad-temperament Chows. The bad breeding continues because people thing the terperament is normal.
    The only danger you're in from most French Chows is being kissed to death.

  4. I didn't know that about chows. I guess you do learn something new everyday! Something to consider when I'm looking for another dog...