Friday, 7 November 2008

Pictures of the Week

O.K., Laura, not everyone would do this for you.

Ack! That's my nose?

I'm going to put on a hat now.


  1. Not Laura.

    A perfectly beautiful noggin. Now the nose? HA! Serious, the nose is fine.

    If your scalp is too sensitive, go hatless and wigless. You look classy.

  2. Stylish! I've always wondered what I'd look like sans hair. Photoshop action tonight


  3. LOL Doobie - I was thinking the same - Margot, you don't look bad at all with no hair! And you know me, I would soooo not say that just to make you feel better. Some people actually look ok with no hair. Look at Sinead O'Connor - I thought she looked very sexy when she shaved her head.

  4. I agree. You can carry the bald look. I hope Laura appreciates this when she gets internet access!

  5. You look good! I think baldness suits you. If I were you I wouldn't even worry about the wig, except that I'm always cold.

    What's wrong with your nose? It looks fine.

  6. ahhhhh, some heads God made perfectly shaped, and some He covered with hair. Arent you one of the lucky ones? I think you look great girl! And it seems to be working if the tumors are shrinking. :)

    Scrubbies to the chows too!

  7. You're cute! And thank goodness, you look *marginally* older than that lovely pic of you with the floppy newsboy cap.

  8. Wow...your head is as bald as a baby's butt and you still look cute. How did you manage that?
    What's wrong with your nose? There's nothing wrong with your nose.
    I think you need flashier earrings though.

  9. OK, thank you Mio... Newsboy cap... I knew I didn't have the key-wrecked style.

    And, wow, this was for moi? *blushes* I must say, you do carry the sans hair look very well. I am frightened to think what I might look like! Love the profile too! Nosey and all!

    Slowly... I'm making my way through.