Sunday, 16 November 2008

I've Got a Little List

I made out the meds list. It is below. In French; feel free to ask questions.

So off we went for the 3-hour round trip plus the wait plus the time of the visit. What a bloody waste of time!

The interview. "You're taking all this"?! Shocked, I say. Shocked! "Not all the time," I said, "See, this is what I take every day, this I just started taking, this I take once a month," etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile, he was copying the list. I kept repeating I'd made extra copies and he could keep one for the files. He kept copying.

The exam. "So, it hurts all over the abdomen (pressing & prodding)"? "No (teeth gritted); just this one spot. But it has begun climbing up the side." He keeps pressing abdomen.

I'll spare you the rest.

His conclusion: I should be taking what my GP had prescribed, not what the emergency doctor had prescribed. That I probably don't have an infection, but an inflammation. And the Spasfon-Lyoc is for pain and I don't need another painkiller.

My conclusion: I don't trust any of them any more and I'm not stopping antibiotics two days into treatment, just in case I do need them, so I'm going to take it ALL for another few days.

At any rate, the pain is lessening while spreading, if that makes any sense, so I'll just wait and see what Dr.Litor has to see when I see her on Thursday. If I pass my blood tests.

Where did they get this guy?

Meds List 14/11/08
En Permanence
1¾ 5 x par semaine, 1½ 2 x par semaine
40 mg le matin
50 mg si besoin
10 mg si besoin
5 mg le nuit
5 jours par mois suivant le chimio
8 mg, matin & soir
10 mg si besoin
1 jour par mois suivant le chimio
5 jours par mois env. 2 jours suivant le chimio
40 mg le matin
1 g 4 x par jour

Pour la bouche
Bicarbonate de sodium Aguettant 1,4
plusieurs x par jour
Fungizone 10%
le soir
Amoxicilline/Acide clavulanique
2 comprim├ęs 3 x jour

En stock
Forlax 10g
Motilium 1 mg/ml
Spasfon-Lyoc, 80 mg


  1. One: Your original list should have been used, with his annotations for the things he didn't understand. We all know how copying can go wrong and that's a helluva long list.

    Two: Why not ask for someone else to come in and give a second opinion, or a third for that matter?

    Three: You are good to wait until Thursday? If pain is spreading, can you afford to wait? Do the antibiotics seem to be working? If not, do not wait! This will not help you pass the blood tests!

    I just spent the better part of an hour Googling French words. So much for taking Latin.

  2. 1) Worse; he didn't copy it all.
    2) That would be Dr. Litor
    3) It's more like moving around. I'm used to that from the joint and muscle pains I "normally" get. Something must be working; I feel better.
    Sorry about the Latin.

  3. How frustrating.
    Actually it doesn't seem like a ton of meds, considering the meds for chemo, for hypothyroidism, migraine meds, prn's, etc.
    So you drove 3 hours for....nothing.
    I wouldn't stop the antibiotic either.
    I actually could understand some of your list from high school French!
    Don't wait till Thursday if your pain gets worse.

  4. Ugh. Sorry. :(
    I'm no help with meds. Hope you feel OK between now and Thursday.