Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Reno's Story

You know how proud I am of my Heeling Chow. One of the reasons I have a Heeling Chow, when all my Chow-owning life I've been told they can't be trained, is because of some wonderful people on a Yahoo group I belong to. These people are professional trainers, but they let me join their group and have helped and encouraged me in my isolation in rural France.

One of these people is taking a break from earning her livelihood as a trainer while she cares for her mother who has cancer. Eleanor moved back in and took her dogs with her.

Now the town says she is violating a dog ordinance and they want her to get rid of her dogs. People spoke at a town meeting against granting a variance for Eleanor, praising her control of her incredibly well-behaved dogs. You read that right. Eleanor is a first-class, responsible dog owner with Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs, but they still voted against. . .what?

I'm not sure anyone reads my blog, but if anyone is here, please read Reno's Story and try to help. Especially if you have a dog because it's getting worse out there.

P.S. Fact check: I have been told that, like me, Eleanor is not a professional trainer, but has been accepted on the trainer's list. Everything else stands.

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