Sunday, 26 September 2010

No big change

They are still treating Margot for the infection and so she can't get a lot of food intravenously. She is eating a little more but they are only increasing the quantity slowly and the food is all soft. Just this minute had a phone call from Margot saying she had fish for lunch - that sounds better. We are back to hoping she will be more stable now and can come home next week. The dogs are waiting.


  1. That does sound better, sir. Bet you're waiting, too. The infection must be difficult to resolve due to the chemo? We're all hoping and praying for her to get over this and home, ASAP. Thank you, again for keeping us informed.

  2. Woo hoo!! Foodles! Yep, infection plus chemo has to suck. Heck, when Don got an infection in the hospital, he wasn't having chemo and it still took a long time (ok, anything more than a day of being sick is a long time for me) to get better. Keeping the candles lit, the finger and toes and paws all crossed that she gets to go home soon!

  3. If the chemo has weakened her ability to fight off infections, then it must be fighting off the Big Guys, too. Maybe it's really working!

    Fish today and what tomorrow? Sounds better.

    Susan in Calif.

  4. Yes! Fish!
    Hoping and praying here as well.


  5. Thank you Nick for keeping us updated. Hoping she is home soon.