Thursday, 18 March 2010


Chemo yesterday.  The doctor looked at my hands and feet and asked if they bleed occasionally.  Bleed?  They can get worse?  She lowered my Taxol dose by 25%.

The sun came out on Sunday -- and stayed.  The Mistral is not blowing.  It's not warm, but it's not frigid, either.  So today, leaving the hospital, instead of head retracted like a turtle against the cold and wind, I was walking tall, eyes forward.  And saw myself in a full-length glass building.

Omigod!  I'm going to have to stop whispering endearments  such as "Tubby Tum" and Pudjin (a Yiddishism for pudding) to the animals before they start whispering back.

When the doctor examined me, I asked her if the tumour felt smaller.  Yes, she thought so, "but," she said, it's a little hard to tell with all the weight I've put on.

I think maybe we should find a mirror and put it on the wall. In the meantime, I'll just go eat a doughnut and cheer myself up.


  1. Given everything, I think a few extra pounds doesn't bear mentioning. One thing I learned when I was sick and put on nearly 90 lbs in 6 months: there are worse things in the world than being fat (even if it really didn't feel like it at the time).


  2. Ditto Rachel. And I hope you enjoyed a guilt-free donut too.

  3. Yes, by all means put that mirror up on the wall, facing the other way. You have a donut and I'll have a donut, and then we can work our way through a full box.

    Given the choice, isn't a slightly plumper appearance more attractive than a gaunt one? However, we love you either way.

    Susan in California

  4. Taxol sucks! A good friend of mine went through a Taxol treatment recently, and it also reeked havoc on her hands and feet. She is healing though. I hope you heal quickly.