Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Manana. . .

. . . or later.

Next chemo session will be 22 December, so we have new plans.

We'll be going skiing for Christmas and off to Spain on the 27th where we'll spend New Year's.

On Friday I'll be having an "emergency" blood test. An emergency for the lab, not for me. They have to get the results out within a couple of hours in case I need an injection before the chemo.


  1. Heck, that sounds a lot better than my plans. Have fun. I think my skiing involves shoveling the driveway.

    "Well I never been to Spain
    But I kinda like the music
    Say the ladies are insane there..."

  2. Oooh, and you still let us do the NSSS early! At least you still get to go to Spain :) I like your attitude - you don't let this whole cancer thing keep you in the house. You go girl!