Thursday, 11 January 2007


Somebody lent us the X-Men DVDs over Christmas, so I've finally seen the films. Sort of; I'm usually on BARF-something or other, one of my dog groups, or playing solitaire, while watching television.

A few minutes ago, I was messing about on BARF-something or other and watching the technology program from Sky News. Item One was about American scientists who think they have found a "cure" for homosexual sheep. Evidently, about 10% of sheep are gay (although the sheep probably don't think of it this way.)

So now the scientists are wondering if they could apply their cure to people.

I will bite my tongue and let you reflect on X-Men. You are not allowed to bring religion into this argument, unless you would like to speculate on why God made gay sheep -- and some vultures I know about.


  1. Get OUT - seriously? OK first I have to say, I am struggling to get the connection between gay sheep and X-Men. (I can be a bit dense sometimes though.)
    But moving on. OK, First, how did they determine which sheep were gay. I mean, what were their criteria? I assume we're talking both boy and girl sheep, here. Second, I very much doubt most gay people want to be "cured" of being gay.
    OK, that's all I can say without bringing up religion....

  2. There is no cure for genetic drift. ;)


  3. In X-Men, the non-mutants wanted to "cure" them.

    My friend, Ed, says the whole story was a load of crap. I'll have to ask him to post here.

    I don't know how they can tell. Maybe by the company they keep?

    The Israelis have discovered that if they take away the one usual egg from vulture couples each year, they can get them to produce a second egg. They didn't have enough foster parents, so they decided to try a gay male couple (vultures). The couple made great foster parents and became media stars.

    On that subject, in history vultures were fertility symbols.

  4. I like the story about the vultures.

    Leave the poor sheep alone. I'm sure they are happy the way they are, straight, gay, or anywhere in between.

    And leave the people alone too. Never will understand why one's own sexual preferance bothers other people. Seems like a personal thing to me. And certainly not something we should be looking cure. Shouldn't we be worrying about AIDS and cancer, things that actually hurt people.