Sunday, 16 December 2012

Second anniversary

The 16th December marks the second anniversary of the death of Margot and another year without much being told on this blog. Sadly, this year also brought the death of both the Chows which inspired this blog and thus further marks the end of a story.

Nala died in her sleep one afternoon in May. She was fourteen maybe fifteen years old and was always a real character throughout her life.

Van-Ly died a couple of months later when her kidneys finally gave up after a year or more on a careful diet.

Posted for Margot who could always tell the story so much better than I could,  Nick

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wonderful memory

I have just been given this wonderful photo which was taken at Rémuzat's village fête back at the end of August. Its me on the left, our friend Veronique in the centre, and Margot on the right. It brings back memories of a happy warm summer evening which unfortunately was probably the last time that we were out and about together.    Nick

Friday, 31 December 2010

Margot remembered

Margot was buried on Tuesday, 21st, with many friends and relatives taking part in a simple ceremony to remember her life.  This was followed by an aperitif and then a meal. Everyone has told me how Margot would have enjoyed seeing us all getting together in this way and I feel that it worked out exactly how she would have liked it.

Thanks to my sister and her husband the chows and I passed a peaceful holiday with the family. We even had snow which was a real treat for Nala.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Thanks to all

I am overwhelmed by all the people who have fond memories of Margot and are sending me massages of support. Here at home I also have a constant stream of friends and neighbors who are helping me organize a special send-off for Margot.

The funeral will be at 10:30 Tuesday morning (21st) at the cemetery here in our village of Sahune. Followed by an aperitif and a lunch for family and friends. I am sorry that all of you can not be there but for anyone near enough please come along.

Many people have ask if they can send flowers or make some contribution to a memorial. Margot's wish was that the best memorial she could ask for would be a contribution to a worthy charity (probably cancer research if you are looking for ideas). As you can see by the advertising around this page she was always trying to do something for others and in the last few years she took an active interest in the Livestrong Foundation.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Moving on

Margot died this evening. I spent the afternoon with her reading the latest cards from the family and listing the people who were thinking of her. I told her not to worry. When I arrived home the hospital called with the news. She wanted to be buried here in our village so tomorrow I will be arranging that.

Love to all our friends,   Nick

Move to home not working

Moving Margot back home is not going to happen at this moment. Our GP is on holiday and she makes up an important part of the home medical team. Even before that the doctors were concerned about providing adequate support. Since the first two days of upheaval Margot has become much more at peace in the hospital / hospice and she took the news calmly however she is not reacting to anything much at this time.

Each day we get less and less reaction from her which I guess is the way it goes. A few days ago she stopped speaking French although she still appears to understand the nurses. Today she hardly said a word. Most of my interaction with her has been by holding hands and touch with naps in between. I keep wondering what else I could be saying or doing.

I have received many e-mails from friends from Margot's various on-line communities offering prayers and messages of support. I am not sure how many of these messages are registering with her but they all mean a great deal to me. Thank you.


Friday, 10 December 2010

On the move

Margot's uncle made a visit from the States last weekend which was a wonderful thing to do. He is her closest remaining relative and his visit made a big difference for both of us although Margot still managed to sleep through a good part of his time here.

On Tuesday Margot got to move to the hospital in Vaison which is the nearest thing to a hospice that I have seen. She had a very nice room with a view over the old town and a good level of doctors, nursing staff and helpers. Unfortunately the move, the change in conditions, or something made her very agitated and for two days she was not at all calm. Even though I was with her most of the time all she wanted to do was leave and come home. She is much more tranquil today but still wants to be at home. We have been talking with the hospital-at-home people and local nurses and if she remains stable we might be able to have her at home again next week with the option of returning to the hospice if it does not work out.

Again, thank you all for your messages which I try and pass on but Margot is not always tracking 100 percent.    Nick